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Information about Collection and Protection of Personal Data

The company named Helma 365, s.r.o., with registered office at Dlouhá 730/35, Staré Město, Praha 1, Postal Code 110 00, VAT no. (DIČ): CZ27111083, Company no. (IČO):  27111083, incorporated in the Companies Register administered by the Municipal Court in Prague, Section C, File no. 97046, as the operator of the project shown in the web site: (hereinafter the “Web Site”), represents that all personal data shall be considered as strictly confidential and that they will be treated in compliance with the existing legislation governing protection of personal data.

It is our priority to keep all personal data safe. Therefore, we pay proper attention to personal data and their protection. We wish to inform you in this document about what personal data we collect via the present Web Site, and how they will be further made use of.

Protection of Personal Data

1. What data do we collect and process?

Depending on the purposes of such processing, and under the terms and conditions as stipulated in the present information sheet, we collect, manage, and process the following personal data about our customers:

  • first name and surname

  • telephone number

  • electronic address - e-mail

  • delivery address

  • invoicing address

  • VAT no. (DIČ), Company no. (IČ)

  • bank account details

  • information about IP addresses

  • information collected via cookies

  • and/or any other information whose processing will always be explicitly announced to the subject (e.g., photographs or any other visual or sound recordings provided by customers as part of marketing contests)

2. Why do we process such data and how they will have been made use of (purposes and legal backgrounds of such processing)?

Some information may even be processed without your consent:

  • Basic identification information (first name, surname, e-mail) provided by customers and required for the purpose of keeping their accounts on our Web Site, in order to meet our justified interest to process such information for the purpose of keeping such accounts on our Web Site.

  • Additional identification and contact information serving unambiguous identification of customers for the purpose of the fulfilment of contracts executed via our Web Site, and for the performance of certain measures adopted prior to the execution of such contracts (i.e., some additional information to be provided prior to the execution of the contract on your account, in order to facilitate the subsequent conclusion of such contracts).

  • Your e-mail address obtained in connection with any sales of products or services, allowing for distribution of commercial communications.

  • Your identification and contact information and information about your purchases, in order to ensure protection of our rights and legally protected interests (e.g., for the purposes of complaints/claims).

  • Your data to the necessary legal extend serving the fulfilment of our legal obligations (including without limitation, identification and contact information required for the issuance, accounting, and archiving of contracts, orders, and tax invoices serving the keeping of accounting books, etc.).

The processing of certain information for certain purposes will require your consent; such information as well as the purpose for which it will be processed will have always been described in connection with the consent to be granted:

  • in respect of certain marketing activities, such as:

    • supply of topical information, offers, and similar commercial communications; if you have failed to provide to us your electronic contact in connection with your purchases of products or services, we shall be needing your e-mail address;

    • monitoring of visits by users on the Web Site and their profiling; for this purpose, we need to know your IP address and to place so-called cookies in your computers (see Point 10 in the present information sheet);

    • personalised offers of services and products; for this purpose, we need to know your IP address and cookies;

    • contests in the event of which we collect your additional identification and contact information; potentially, you may supply for such purposes your photographs or video recordings;

    • profiling, including without limitation, analyses, assessments, and estimates of aspects relating, in particular, to your previous purchases, preferences, behaviour on web pages, your locations; all that for the purposes of providing and improving of our services and products, and their personalising in order to meet your requirements as exactly as possible;

  • for the purpose of improving and expanding our services and products in response to your comments derived from questionnaires, opinion polls, and discussions, where we collect your

    e-mail address, and/or other information that you will have chosen to provide;

  • for the keeping of our database of both past and potential customers;

  • for other purposes that you will be informed about prior to any processing of any such information.


3. How do we obtain such data?

We obtain such data in view of the nature of the contract concluded between us, on the basis of your voluntary provision of such data.

Certain information can be obtained in an automated manner when you make use of our services, including without limitation, via cookies and through logging (see Point 10 in the present information). Certain information can be obtained from our business partners whom you have provided with such information when using our services or afterwards (e.g., operators of Facebook, Google Analytics, Sklik, etc.).


4. How do we process such data?

Your data are processed in the electronic format, and they will also be stored and secured in the same manner.


5. How long will we store and process such data?

All personal data will be processed for such a term that reflects the legal reasons for their processing; furthermore, subject to consent, as long as such consent with processing has not been withdrawn, and/or unless such processing is terminated due to legal requirements.

Information obtained for marketing purposes will not be processed longer than for the term of three years.


6. How do we protect such data?

All personal data have been subject to permanent electronic and procedural checks provided by way of:

  • organisational measures, such as internal rules governing the handling of personal data and contractual provision of processing. People who handle your personal data when performing their service or contractual obligations shall be bound by legal or contractual confidentiality duty;

  • appropriate technical means and other relevant measures.

Your right to protection of personal data has been guaranteed by Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council (General Data Protection Regulation).


7. With whom do we share such data?

We share such data due to the below described reasons with the following categories of recipients:

  • state authorities, and/or other entities when performing their legal obligations, such as supervisory bodies, government authorities, etc.;

  • other than state authorities, if it is required in order to ensure protection of our rights and the fulfilment of our legal obligations, e.g., with tax advisors, accountants, attorneys-at-law, etc.;

  • external entities providing such processing under relevant agreements on processing of personal data concluded with us, including without limitation:

  • carriers, deliverers and delivery points, for the purposes of the fulfilment of contracts, i.e., deliveries of ordered goods, prizes from contests, etc.;

  • providers of on-line payment services serving the completion of cashless payments for our products and services;

  • providers of DTP, graphic, print, bookbinder’s, and similar services for the above-described purposes;

  • entities providing marketing services;

  • providers of information systems and applications for the purposes of effecting services by our company (hosting, web-hosting, content management, distribution of commercial communications, etc.);

  • providers of other applications and systems that do not serve the processing of any information but may be able to access it to such extent as required for the fulfilment of certain services under exact contractual conditions;

  • entities operating within the range of the Helma 365 Group (the Helma 365 Group comprises the following entities: Helma 365, s.r.o.; Helma 365 SK s.r.o., WEST servis s.r.o.; Stil trade s.r.o.; AVE DAY a.s., H365 a.s.);

  • the operator of the MailChimp services, for the purpose of automated distribution of commercial communications, when the information is delivered to a third country. The operator of such services has been registered in the programme entitled EU-US Privacy Shield; the principles of protection of privacy are available here:;

  • other entities to such extent as consented to.

The scope of any such personal data provided or made available shall always be limited to data required for the effecting of the purpose, and any such provision shall be governed by the provisions of Article 2 above.


8. What rights are you guaranteed?

You are entitled, without limitation,

  • to require access to your personal data;

  • to have your data corrected;

  • to have your data erased;

  • to limited processing;

  • to portability of personal data;

  • to object against any processing;

  • to withdraw consent with processing at any time.


9. How can you enforce other legal rights of yours?

We shall effect any required action within the legally stipulated extent as contained in your request. Certain actions may also be performed by yourself by setting up your account, including without limitation, corrections of your data. Also, you may cancel your account, however, without prejudice to our right to process your data due to other legal reasons. Any request, objection, notification of changes of data, and any other requirements of yours, will be addressed to:

If any requests made by any subjects of such data should be seen as obviously unfounded or unreasonable, including without limitation, because they may be repeated, we may charge a reasonable fee covering our costs, or we may refuse to meet such request.

Furthermore, you are free to complain with the Office for Personal Data Protection.


10. IP addresses, logging files, cookies

IP address (the address of the Internet protocol)

IP addresses shall be transferred with each request sent to a web server so that it knows where to respond. Each user shall receive its dynamic and static IP address from their Internet service providers (the “ISP”) at the moment of their hooking up to the Internet. As a result, the ISP is capable of identifying any specific user to whom the IP address has been allocated. We use an IP address only for service logging to detect nonstandard application behaviour

Logging files

We use logging for service purposes, especially for detection and troubleshooting of the system.

Representation of uses of cookies

The present Web Site places, in keeping with the legislation, certain small data files generally known as ‘cookies’ in your equipment. Their purpose is to ensure full operability of the Web Site and comfort for the users, for statistical purposes, and for setting up of information and advertisements to reflect your interests, for example, according to the content of the web sites you have visited.

Cookies shall remember your actions and settings that you have made on these web pages, so that you need not re-enter such information again and again.
Cookies are not dangerous, they do not serve the collection of any sensitive personal data; however, they are important for the protection of privacy. We do not apply cookies in order to identify the users of our Web Site or to abuse any logging information.

Technical cookies

The Web Site makes use of the following cookies for identification of individual users and for shopping at the e-shop.
Validity - Name - Description
365 days - - User identification
365 days - - voting in polls
365 days - - session state
365 days - cb - enabled
365 days - - total price in the cart
0 days - DokladyFiltrState - Current bookmark settings in documents
0 days - ActiveAccordionGroupCart - Current bookmark settings in documents
0 days - ASPSESSIONIDx - Server system values

Third Party Cookies

We also make use of cookies belonging to certain third parties (e.g., Google, Facebook, YouTube, Seznam). Those cookies are controlled by such third parties, they may make use of their own cookies and active components, so that we have no access either to reading and writing of such data, and we cannot influence any processing of such personal data by those service providers. For information about exercitation of cookies and about what treatment has been applied in respect of your data, and about your rights and settings, please, refer to the web pages of the relevant providers:

  • Information about your uses of our Web Site is shared within the framework of services named Google Analytics provided by Google Inc. For more information, please refer to:

    and for the services of Google Maps:

  • Our Web Site contains cookies belonging to certain social media that display on the present Web Site our latest contributions from the relevant social networks. Some cookies allow users logged to their accounts in the relevant social networks to share content via such services. We use social plug-in modules belonging to the social networks Facebook for this purpose. As long as you log to your account in the relevant social network, the social network provider may link your visit to that account. If you mind that such social network operators may collect your data via our pages, you are required to log out from your accounts in such social networks prior to visiting our pages.

We make use of social plug-in modules belonging to the following social networks:

  •, operated by Facebook, Inc. (“Facebook”). For more information, please, see the representation of Facebook on data protection:

  • We also make use of the YouTube video platform operated by YouTube LLC, 901 Cherry Ave. San Bruno, CA 94066 USA. YouTube is a platform that allows for replaying audio and video files. If any of our web pages contain an integrated YouTube player, a link will be created with YouTube allowing for the transfer of videos. As soon as such link to YouTube has been established, data will be transferred to YouTube. For more information, please, see the representation of YouTube on data protection:

  • Cookies have also been used for advertising purposes, namely, in order to select advertisements relevant for you (remarketing). Such remarketing data has been used exclusively in order to provide for segmentation of visitors for the purposes of deliveries of more relevant personalised advertising. Such segments are created on the basis of several general patterns of behaviour on web and the content of the pages visited. Such segmentation may also include collection of general information about the approximate geographical location of your computer or mobile equipment. Those data are collected for the purposes of providing personalised content relevant for your geographical location. For more information about the applicable rules, please, see the pages belonging to the advertising systems operated by:

    - Google:

- You can opt out of Google's use of cookies by visiting Google's Ads Settings. Alternatively, you can to opt out of a third-party vendor's use of cookies by visiting the Network Advertising Initiative opt-out page.


Consent with Storing of Cookies

Most browsers would automatically accept cookies, unless such browser has been set up otherwise. By visiting the present Web Site, you consent with the storing of cookies.

You are free to prevent such collection of data by refusing to use cookies. Available for you are on-line instruments that can be applied in order to control cookies and similar technologies, including an option of setting up your browser so that it would block cookies and remove them. For information about such setting of specific browsers, please, see the following addresses:

Internet Explorer:

Google Chrome:

Mozilla Firefox:



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